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MD Lawmakers To Vote On Autism Funding | News

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MD Lawmakers To Vote On Autism Funding

POOLESVILLE, Md. (WUSA)--  7-year old Sam Broady is living with Autism. He is number 405 on a list of more than 3,900 children who are waiting for Maryland state funding that will help pay for their treatment. Currently 900 children benefit from those state services.

If the current line item stays in tact and it passes a vote in Annapolis  next week, 100 more children will receive the funding. 

Sam, and his family don't stand to gain anything if the budget line item passes because of his number on the staggering waiting list

It's a "drop in the bucket", says his mother Sarah Broady, but it's an important drop she tells us and one in the right direction for families living with Autism. 

Maryland is one of the few states that doesn't mandate insurance companies to cover Autism treatment. So families like the Broady's depend on Medicaid, but those dollars don't cover nearly the amount of therapy Sam needs. 

His mother said, "A program that would be effective for him would be about 3-4 hours a week. We're only getting one."

The Broady's story isn't unique, as a matter of fact it highlight a large community looking for help. 

According to the organization Autism speaks 1 in 88 children has Autism. 

They tell WUSA*9 next week's vote is crucial, and even if it does pass Broady said , "we still have a long way to go"