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Animal Lovers Prefered to KISS Rather Than EAT Turkey this Thanksgiving

(AP) - It's a turkey feast -- but not in the way you might think. Animal lovers had a feast for turkeys over the weekend. Vegan Bina Ahmad was among those honoring the big birds at the Poplar Farms animal sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland. She kissed the turkeys, and fed them treats of grain, bread and grapes. Similar turkey-honoring events are taking place in animal shelters across the country this week.

Poor Treatment of Sheep in Poolesville

A poolesville resident reported that sheep were not being cared for properly. The sheep were said to be covered in their waste. An Animal Services officer visited the address, and the owner showed the officer the sheep, which had small spots of mud on them but no waste. The officer advised the owner to shear the sheep so they would not become overheated, and the owner agreed to do so.